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I Am Want Sex How to draw someone sleeping in a bed

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How to draw someone sleeping in a bed

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This tutorial will help you learn to draw a cartoon bed! Choosing the right bed to sleep in is crucial.

But don't see this as a waste of time! A good night of sleep can help you become more productive and efficient!

Let's see how we could draw a simple bed in six easy steps! You can also start with the video version found.

First, draw two rectangles to form the headboard and the footboard. Since a simple 3D perspective is involved in this drawing, make sure that w headboard is a little shorter since it's on the.

Also, notice that both shapes are slightly touching each. Next, draw the mattress of the bed.

Once again, make sure that both gay hurghada cruising are a little wider near the footboard to keep your perspective accurate. I decided to make both headboard and footboard rounder on corners to give our bed more style and personality. Then, draw an oval to illustrate darw pillow.

You will have the opportunity to refine your shape in the next step. You can also sketch the cover.

Finally, work on the outline of your pillow to make it more realistic and add details to the cover. Like you can see, drawing a bed with a simple perspective is highly achievable for.

You just need to take your time and practice to draw shapes accurately and in the right angle. I hope you had fun following this easy tutorial Go back to Learn to draw objects Go back from How to draw a cartoon bed to home page.