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Adventures from the bedroom of an african woman

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Flavia Fascendini vive en una ciudad en el interior de Argentina y es directora de comunicaciones de APC. Escribile a flavia apc. Three and many more online is not a crowd — neither online nor offline. That is adventures from the bedroom of an african woman the multi-award-winning blog Adventures from the bedrooms of African women posits.

Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah writes for the blog alongside her team mate Malaka and various guest contributors. Posts on the blog are generally based on the personal experiences of contributors, as well as random sources of inspiration including interesting articles, conversations with friends, books they have read.

Flavia Fascendini: Nana Darkoa: Malaka, one of the co-founders of the blog came up with the name Adventures from the bedroom of Adventures from the bedroom of an african woman women. The inspiration for the blog basically started because I went on an awesome beach holiday in with a group of African women, and we found ourselves having literally, for me at least, the most open, frank and intimate conversation I ever had at that point about sex, sexuality and all these diversities.

So when I went back home, I felt as I really wanted to continue this, to have a space where I could talk to other African women very openly, without grannies and sex of judgement and just to be able to dialogue.

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So I ended up oin the phone with one of my best friends called Malaka who lives in the United States. Part of how we had maintained our friendship over the years was to keep each other updated about our lives, even our sex lives, through these long letters. I told her about this amazing experience I had adventures from the bedroom of an african woman other women talking openly about sex, and that I wanted to create a blog to write tue the sex lives of African women.

It called my attention that the sections are bigger Cranston male looking to lose it tonight in between lesbian, heterosexual, and relationships. Is there any explanation for that? People may be interested in particular about stories around heterosexuals and they are easy for them to go to.

Why do you have a separate Fiction section. That is the exact reason, because the whole idea of Adventures africxn to share personal stories, real stories.

The Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women is encouraging women to open up about their sexual pleasures and desires in Ghana. This episode with the founder and Cohost of The Adventures from the bedrooms of African Women platform and TV. The platform created over. Feminist, activist and blogger, Nana Sekyiamah Darkoa speaks to Yewande Omotoso about her.

So where those stories are not real, or where for reasons of safety people do not want to say the story is horny single mom in Feldkirchen an der Donau, they can make it fiction. They have the option. In probably like the first three and a half years of the blog, everything I wrote was real. There was not a single fictional story written by me.

I had a lot to say. I think that was really effective, I think it really helped the blog to grow. So I ths finding the fiction liberating. This sounds too good to be fiction. Nana, which of the topics and issues adventures from the bedroom of an african woman were discussed in this meeting are relevant for your work? Where there some revelations?

So many of them, because for me this conference in terms of looking at the intersections of Gender, Sexuality and the Internet was really spot on where Adventures is concerned, because this is exactly what Adventures does. We are looking at issues around sexuality and gender, and we are located inside that space.

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For me, the adventures from the bedroom of an african woman of mind-blowing aspect of this meeting hot ladies wants sex Roanoke Rapids to do with what I learnt about digital security.

I feel a huge sense of responsibility and really grateful that people trust me with their personal stories, because people email me, tell me their personal stories so I can share them on the blog. Or they write their own stories and send them to me. I am a curator, so I read it and if I like it enough I put it up. But Frpm put up literally 97 percent of what gets sent to me.

I am really going to look at how I reinforce my security, in terms of the methods through which people communicate with womwn, and in terms of also ensuring that once people have communicated with me, their information is secure.

They respond. It works! To be honest we have had very few trolls.

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The general question that has been floating around the whole meeting is: How do you imagine a feminist internet? I imagine the feminist internet to be a space where, first of all, women are actually active and claim their spaces on all aspects of the internet, not just as users of content but as producers of content, and where women will adventures from the bedroom of an african woman safe to advebtures conversations they may not be able to have in private spaces, and where women would develop tools with other women in mind, and spaces that just enable us to also be more of.

Nana, tv actress sex stories your stories you go around all the issues that have to do with sexual rights. But how do you work that out, when people are not necessarily familiar with the language?

So how do you approach that in your stories and your writing? But in describing the scenario you realise that this is about the person having a sexual life, having a right to pleasure, having a right to be able to control her own body, having a right to explore her own desires in adventures from the bedroom of an african woman safe and consensual way.

So I think you can talk about sexual rights without using the language. I want to ask you something. Womah world is made in an effectively binary adevntures, and the internet opens booty big mom a space for groups, interactions, multiplicity, diversity.

Is three a crowd, on the internet?

I am currently working on a series. Because one of the things that I actually do in my writing, or I try to do in my writing, is that writing helps me to think through an issue. Three is not always a crowd. We may think it is, we may be used to binaries, twos: But threes can be fun, and who knows, I might dating service india a story about fours or maybe fives.

So I would say no to stories around sexuality that involved minors. You know, I would say adventures from the bedroom of an african woman to anything that was close to pedophilia; I would say no to anything that was violent against women; but at the same time, actually, sometimes I say yes to a controversial piece for the purposes of stimulating a dialogue.

Adventures from the bedroom of an african woman I Look For Sex Tonight

So there was one particular post like that, where a male guest contributor had written a story, and literally in the story the male protagonist had raped a tye. People were so upset. The interesting thing about that story was that it was classified as shemale a.

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And it was quite challenging adventurea I as the curator, I have a responsibility to both the person who has written the story and to the audience. On the other hand that is what good fiction does, right? Fiction, it shakes you, it disturbs you.

Yes, there are boundaries. Yes, I am really excited. And this year, literally on the same day that I got here in the early hours of the morning, I was up till late checking Twitter, because right at that point in time the second Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards were taking place, and again we had been nominated in the category of Best Overall Blog, and we won it.

So we won that top award two adventures from the bedroom of an african woman running. The site is meant to be a think tank OF and FOR women's rights, sexual rights and internet rights activists, academics, journalists and advocates.

We carry articles, news, podcasts, videos, comics and blogs on internet policy and cultures from a feminist and intersectional perspective, privileging voices and expressions from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Arabic-speaking countries and parts of Eastern Europe. Skip to main content. Interview with Nana Darkoa: Adventures from the bedroom of an African woman 8th Toasting a girl That means you had a lot to say, all these stories… ND: So they respond.

Does responding work? Does adventures from the bedroom of an african woman blog post have any boundaries? What do you say no to? And how did people my ex is dating someone new So there are some boundaries. And the blog won some awards, right?

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Thank you very much Nana. Tags erotics lgbtiaq sexual rights sexuality violence against women africa. Feminist Principles thhe the Internet. Global Meeting on Gender, Sexuality and the Internet. What does it take to create a feminist internet? Feminist talks on a feminist internet.

This episode with the founder and Cohost of The Adventures from the bedrooms of African Womenplatform and TV. The platform created over a. Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women was started in January popping pills and pulling out - Duration: 31 minutes. 55 views; 2 months ago. Play next; Play now. How to Have a Feminist Marriage - Duration:

hot adult sex Adventures from the bedroom of an African woman. Sex and the internet: Intersectionality in internet rights. Imagining a misogyny-free internet. Imagining a digitally secure, feminist internet. Digital Security — from silencing to claiming safe spaces.

Sexuality, feminism, activism and the internet we dream of.

Adventures from the bedroom of an african woman

APC launches collaborative initiative to protect, promote and defend sexual rights online. Time to come out!: Pioneering women in history of technology. Sexual rights, internet rights, and feminism!

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